I am available for weddings in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Puerto Rico.

Estoy disponible para bodas en la ciudad de México y Puerto Rico. Para ver el FAQ de bodas en el DF, dále click aquí.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! For weddings in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and Mexico City I work as a local photographer, which means I don't charge for transportation. For any other city, let's talk!

Do you deliver all the images taken during a wedding?

Each wedding is different. I deliver between 50-80 photos for each hour of the event. I edit every single one, and normally deliver more.

Do you use Photoshop?

No. I do basic photo editing, to include exposure, contrast, tonality, etc. You can find examples on my website.

What is your style?

There are many cliches that I don't necessarily fall into. When I do a wedding, I go into it thinking about how I can best express your day through photos, so when your children see your photos, they will get an idea of who you are individually and as a couple. That's what makes sense to me.

How much do you charge?

A typical 8-hour wedding begins at $2500. Please contact me if you'd like details about my packages.

How many hours do you recommend?

I recommend a minimum of 4 hours prior to the ceremony. Call me so we can talk more in detail and so I can offer suggestions.

Do you offer customized packages?

Of course! if none of my packages suits your needs, or if you have something specific in mind, just shoot me an email, text, or call me.

Do you require a deposit?

I require a $1000 desposit. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

How long until we see the pictures?

No later than 3 weeks after your wedding day.

Do you deliver high-resolution images?

All my packages include low-resolution images to share on social media and high-resolution images for printing.

Do you work alone?

I normally work alone. For weddings larger than 150 guests and/or longer than 8 hours, I recommend to add a second and/or third photographer.

Do you pose your couples?

Couples are not models, so I don't treat them as such. I may direct you during the formal session, but nothing fancy. For posy pictures, post-wedding sessions work best. For me, a wedding day is not about how fashionable you look; it is about the story of two people, their friends and family, and their love for each other.

Do you accept credit cards?


Do you release the printing rights for the photos?

Yes, my contract includes a release for printing and for personal use of the photos.

Do you offer photo albums?

Yes. All my albums are printed on high-quality matte fine art paper. The color and pigment of the photos on this paper is designed to last at least 100 years. Photos are printed using the Giclée system, which is museum-quality. You can see an example here.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. You will receive a 20% discount for any items on the extra section included in your contract.

Need more information?

Feel free to email me or complete the form in the Contact section--whichever is easiest--in English, Spanish or a combination of both :). I normally respond pretty quickly.